Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Easter Bunny

This year we were fairly nontraditional on Easter. We woke up early and drove to Solitude Mountain Ski Resort for their Easter egg hunt. Their ski instructors skied down first in formation and then the Easter bunny skied down. Landon was so enamored with the Easter bunny that when he made it to the bottom of the hill Landon went racing out after him. Funny but it brought tears to both Rob and my eyes....such proud parents and fun to watch the amazement. Landon found three eggs and then many of the kids gave him some of their eggs to help fill his bucket. We died Easter eggs after the hunt, found Landon's basket at home after that, and then Rob and Landon had Easter dinner with some friends - mom was home with the flu :(

Landon Makes Some Turns

Rob found some skis for Landon and bought them for his birthday. The snow wasn't so great this season but Landon made some turns....sort of. He skied at Solitude, Park City, Canyons, and Sun Valley. More than his mom his skied this year!


Landon turned 2 on February 1st! Rob's parents drove down for the occasion and we had a birthday and sledding party in Landon's honor. It was great to have Rob's parents for a long weekend and so wonderful having our friends and Landon's friends up to the house!

Christmas with the DeVoes

For Christmas, Melissa's parents Linda and Tony made the trip down to Salt Lake to see the new house and spend the holidays. We had five dogs in our house and had a wonderful week and Christmas. Landon loves trains so we got him his own Thomas set. Too much fun.

Christmas Photos

This year we had our friends take some photos for us for Christmas and we took theirs. It worked out great. These were taken before our move to the new house but is in our neighborhood.